The queen of the massages - Nuad Thaimassage (1,5 h)                                          
€ 85.-

Nuad is an old healing method that will handle both, the physical and energetic body. The origins of Nuad found years ago, before around 2500 their way from India to Thailand, where it is an integral part of traditional healing methods today.
The treatment essentially consists of pressure exerted on the energy lines (similar to the acupressure), and extending and stretching of the body through specific yoga exercises. So the entire musculoskeletal system is starting from the feet stimulated. Nuad is also called Thai yoga bodywork, the client is passive in the enjoyment of yoga. The aim is to let the energy (prana / chi) flow freely again through the body. A balance between body and mind is made. The treatment is dressed at the bottom on mat.

Acupuncture massage                                                
€ 30.-/55.-

With a special massage sticks are meridians "pulled" to balance the energy in the body and thus to achieve a harmonious flowing of Chi.

€ 30.-/55.-

A manual therapy and reflex treatment technique that see on the change of the epidermis, the subcutaneous tissue and the connective tissue a change of a segment and this treated. A segment is a furnished from the same spinal nerve area, consisting of skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones and organs. The appeal of internal organs is done by the assignment of these body structures to the particular spinal cord segment. As a therapeutic stimulus it is set by a special fingering technique, with the help of pain conditions of the skin and can also be detected and treated as pain sensitivity and pressure changes in the muscles.

Dorn-Breuss method (1,5 h)
€ 85.-

Assistance with: with leg length differences, hands fallen asleep, headache, displaced intervertebral discs and vertebrae, digestive problems, knee and joint pain…

€ 30.- / € 55.-

Combination of Chinese, traditional and Taoist massage. Activates the organs and inhances the relaxation.

Traditional massage

€ 30.- / € 55.-

Part-or full-body massage. Combinations with other types of massages are available! (Reflexology with back and neck massage / back massage, neck and facial harmony ... etc)

Facial Harmony

€ 30.-/ € 55.-

Facial massage of a new kind: Relaxing strokes combined with Korean acupressure will not only effect the look ... The zones of the face, ears and head will react with the body and exert an influence on the digestion, the spine or the liver…

Masseuse Marie Bernard – Let us pamper you!

No wonder the special massage by Marie is the Nuad Massage, because she has spent so many years of her life in South East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia). Of these teaching and years of traveling she learned a unique approach to massage and body treatments. Marie massaged not only, she lives the massages in connection with her clients. Full body dedication and absolute concentration are basis of her success. Currently, Marie is also in training for TCM therapist, to allow also to introduce the holistic aspect of traditional Chinese medicine in her work.

A massage of Marie may be relaxation, healing and mediation in one. Let us pamper you and select from the big offer.


Massag appointment:
We are more than happy to arrange a massage reservation for you. Please contact us or Marie one day before you want a massage (or also before the holidays arrival)
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